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More Weekend Swamp People Appearances

*Click the links provided for each appearance to get more information.*

The Edwards (Junior & Willie) will be at the Washington Parish Fair on Friday, October 19. They will be located at the Old MacDonald Farm from 10:00 AM – until the autograph session is over.

RJ & Jay Paul will be in Lake City, FL on Saturday, October 20 at the Big Boy Toys Expo 2012. The VIP Meet & Greet will be from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM, and the regular meet & greet will be from 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM. (*Thanks Kaitlin for the heads up!*)

There was a bit of confusion about the appearance that I am about to post below…

There is a Swamp Celebrity Reunion that is suppose to feature The Landrys (Troy, Jacob, & Chase) and also Bruce & Tyler, Kristi, Junior & Willie and Glenn Guist at the Paragon Casino Resort on Saturday, October 21st in Marksville, Louisiana.

BUT on Troy’s official website it says he’s going to be there on the 20th & it also said that there was an appearance on Sunday, October 21st, where Troy will be at the Pierre Part Fire Department Food Fest.

Not sure if he will be attending both events that day…

If I find anymore information I will be sure to post promptly! If you know of any, feel free to email or tweet me, I would appreciate it very much.

*Please check the links & call around if you would like to attend any of these events for more clarity*

The Edwards in New Iberia, LA THIS Sunday!

Source: KATC.com

Blue Victory Holdings and Hardee’s would like to invite the residents of New Iberia to join us in meeting Junior Edwards along with his wife Theresa and son William from the History Channel show “Swamp People”. Meet the swampers by visiting Hardee’s at 101 E. Admiral Doyle Drive on Sunday from 12pm to 4pm. The swampers will sign autographs so bring your camera for photographs.

“Swamp People” debuted on the History Channel in August 2010. As a reality television series, “Swamp People” follows the daily activities of several swampers during the 30-day alligator hunting season in the Atchafalaya Swamp in Louisiana. The swampers face risks, earning most of their income during the season, controlled by weather and strict wildlife regulations. Carrying on the traditions of their French ancestors exiled from Canada in the 18th century, these Cajuns are struggling to preserve an ancient way of life in an increasingly modern world.

Junior and William spend much of their year in the swamp. In addition to alligator hunting, they take advantage of many other resources of the swamp, including deer, crawfish, crabs, frogs and fish. Theresa does all she can to help them prepare for next season. The show currently airs on Thursdays at 9/8pm central.

Hardee’s of New Iberia is honored to host a visit from “Swamp People.” The swampers prove how much effort and perseverance goes into their work, which ties in beautifully with our dedication to working hard to provide great service. Hardee’s is happy to give back to our loyal customers, as well as our new ones by providing an opportunity to meet reality television personalities from our local area.

Willie Gets A New Smile

Source: The Jambalaya News
Old article, but I thought it was interesting. Originally posted on October 09, 2011.

Robinson Dental Group, a Lake Charles dental office, has recently been swamped with “Swamp People” mania after giving one of the reality television show’s stars, Willie Edwards, the gift of a brand-new smile.

“Sometimes I can’t believe the kind of attention we are getting,” said Tim Robinson, DDS. “I never thought this would happen.”

A fan favorite, 29-year-old Willie is recognizable for his signature missing front tooth. He recalls the childhood accident that created the gap in his smile: “I was about eight or nine,” he remembered. “Me and my sister were playing in the house one night. We put towels around our heads—we were playing blindfold—and I ran into the icebox and broke the back (of the tooth) off, and after so many years it just rotted out and died.”

He never received dental treatment for the injured tooth. “I always thought I was going to live my life without my front tooth,” Willie said.

Now, 20 years later, Robinson Dental Group has given him the opportunity to regain his full smile.

“Restoring missing or damaged teeth can have a tremendously positive effect on every area of person’s life,” said Dr. Robinson, a dentist at Robinson Dental Group. “Not only can a missing tooth affect a person’s speech and what they can eat, but it also affects how they approach the world. We see it with our patients every day: restoring a person’s smile builds their confidence. They just feel better about themselves. We wanted to give this gift to Willie.”

Willie has just completed the first stage of the dental implant process, which involved implanting an anchoring root into his jawbone.

“Dental implants are a three-stage process,” said Daniel Domingue, DDS, a dentist at Robinson Dental Group. “We did stage one, then gave Willie a removable piece to replace his tooth temporarily until we can complete the process. It has the appearance of a real tooth and will give him greater comfort while eating and speaking.”

Willie is planning to return to Robinson Dental Group in a few months to complete the final steps of the implant process and receive a new, permanent tooth. In the meantime, he’ll film the new season of “Swamp People” with his familiar “missing tooth” look.

“All of us at Robinson Dental Group have really enjoyed giving Willie the special gift of a new smile,” said Dr. Robinson. “So much that it has inspired us to give another gift to someone locally.”