Links List

Here’s a list of official links, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and other links. If I am missing a link, or if one is outdated, please let me know. Thanks!

Official Swamp People
Swamp People on History
Swamp People on Twitter
Swamp People on Facebook
Swamp People on YouTube

Swamp People Productions
Pat Duke on Twitter (Swamp People narrator)
Pat Duke’s Website
Pat Duke on Facebook
History on Twitter
Base Camp Management
Original Media
OM on Twitter
OM on Facebook

Official International
History UK
History UK – Twitter
History Canada
History Canada – Twitter

Official Cast Websites
Troy Landry & Sons
RJ & Jay Paul
Bruce Mitchell

Troy & Jacob Landry
Troy Landry
Jay Paul Molinere
RJ Molinere
Chase Landry
Joey Edgar

Facebook Pages (I will try to only post Facebook pages here, not their personal profiles.)

Current Cast
Troy Landry
Jacob Landry
RJ & Jay Paul Molinere
Livin Life (RJ & Jay Paul)
Tommy Chauvin
Joey Edgar
Swamp People Edgar Family
Frenchy & Gee
Guist Brothers | FB Fan Page
Bruce Mitchell
Ron Methvin
Junior and Willie

Instagram & SnapChat
Jay Paul, SnapChat: Jay_Paul2016
Jay Paul’s Livin Life
Chase Landry
Frenchy & Gee|Frenchy Crochet
Troy Landry
Holden Landry
Bruce Mitchell

Bruce the Alligator Man
Jay Paul’s Livin’ Life

Other/Related Pages
Joey Edgar’s Shop

Past Cast Members
Terral Evans
The Klieberts

Gator Queen Liz
Terral Evans
Austyn & Blake
Randy Edwards
Brandon Hotard
T-Mike Kliebert
T-Roy Broussard
Harland “Bigfoot” Hatcher

Gator Queen Liz
Gator King Justin
Ms. Marie
Bigfoot Hatcher
Jeromy & David

Harland (Bigfoot) Hatcher