Special contributors (super Swamp fanatics like myself!) to!

Meet Kaitlin! Kaitlin has been a fan contributor for since 9/27/2012! A professed Swamp People fanatic, she’s been a fan of the Swamp People since the beginning and has learned more about the Southern/Louisiana culture through her love of watching the show. She contributes news and other info to the website.

Name: Kaitlin V. Sharra
Birthday: May 12th, 1994
Location: Edson, Alberta (Canada)
Country: Canada

Hobbies & Interests
-Rodeo, hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking, quadding…

Contact Info
Twitter:@KaitlinSharra |

Swamp People Q&A
How long have you been a fan of Swamp People?
Since Season 1

Why do you love the show so much & who is (are) your favorite(s) – and why?
I love the show so much because I value the culture and way of life they display on the show, My favourite swampers are Willie and Chase because they are both so laid back and enjoyable to watch.

Do you know any of the cast members personally?
No I do not

What’s your favorite season so far?
Season 3

Favorite Swamp People moment so far?
When an alligator started to charge Chase Landry and he screamed!

Swamp People is now shown in other countries. What impact do you think Swamp People will have on the international community?
I think that this show could be a great history lesson for other countries to learn from because the cast member’s on this show are the descendant’s of one of North America’s greatest historical events, and how they have carried on that culture into their everyday lives, also this show is a great way to credit how all of the cast members put their lives on the line to keep their surrounding communities safe from people getting attacked from alligators.

What do you say to those “environmentalist” that bash Swamp People, or the show in general?
I say that they do not understand the general point of the show, as quoted from a twitter conversation I had with Chase Landry‏: “They’re a wild animal they gunna do wt they gotta do to eat but we keep the balance in check, we do our part to preserve em 2.”

What do you like about
I like how the website keep’s me up to date with the current events that are happening in Louisiana, and let’s me connect with people who have the same interests as I do.