Episode Guide – Swamp Specials

Ten Most Dangerous Moments
Season: 8
Air Date: February 16, 2017
A countdown of the most treacherous gator battles, hair-raising close calls and near-death moments of the past seven seasons.

Swamp Christmas
Season: 5
Air Date: December 8, 2014
It’s Christmas time, and across the bayou, swampers are preparing for the holidays season. They’re hunting for traditional delicacies straight from their backyards, decorating their trees, wrapping their presents and cooking up a storm – Swamp Style. Weather it’s taking the kids on their first big game hunt, diving in the water to harvest fresh meat, or dressing up as Papa Noel, the Cajuns take on Santa Claus. Our hunters show us what it means to celebrate a “Swamp Christmas”.

Lethal Encounters
Season 5
Air Date: July 07, 2014
Over the years, alligator hunters in the swamps of Southern Louisiana have risked both life and limb to fill their tags. And while everyday on the swamp presents a new fight, there are a select few encounters that stand out from the rest. Moments, that to this day, send a chill up the spine of even the most seasoned fishermen. Where savage monsters attack, where Mother Nature descends with furry and where the lore of the swamp suddenly turns deadly. These are Swamp People’s Lethal Encounters.

Season: 2
Air Date: November 17, 2011
Gator season has come and gone, but down in the swamp, life goes on for the beloved gator hunters of Swamp People. SWAMPSGIVING offers viewers a glimpse of the world of the swamp in the off-season–in particular, the varied traditions surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday in the Atchafalaya River basin, and the ways in which all of these born hunters and fishers go about procuring their fish and fowl for the big meal.