About Me

Here’s a basic profile about me, as well as other factual tidbits.

Name: Joyce
DOB: September 14, 1986
Location: South of Tallahassee, Florida
Occupation: Student, freelance writer, web & social media strategist

Hobbies & Interests
Computers & Internet, writing & blogging, food & cooking, reading, music, history, photography, cultural and food anthropology, studying Southern-American culture (esp. Florida & Louisiana cultures), The Walking Dead, travel, movies, playing The Sims, hanging out with family & friends, meeting new people, helping others, electronics & gadgets, random trivia, the weather, having a good laugh, driving, sleeping, giving, having fun, fishing, hunting, bike riding, aerobics, some shopping, & more.

Contact Info

Here are frequently asked questions that you may or may not have about – MOI!

Who are you?
My name is Joyce and I have been a fan of ‘Swamp People’ since the 1st season.

Do you know any of the cast members personally?
No, not personally, but I would like to meet them one day.

Why do you love the show so much & who is (are) your favorite(s) – and why?
It’s based in Louisiana and focuses on the lives of real people, their culture, their occupations, and everything else. I think it’s such a diverse show, and it’s in fact a REAL reality show. This is really how people live and I am thankful that the History Channel is showing the world that Louisianians (and Southerners in general) are a diverse group of people who come from all backgrounds, and everyone can relate to them all in some way.

I equally have a respect for all of the cast members and for what they do, but my favorites on the show are R.J. & Jay Paul, the Edgar Family, The Landrys (Troy, Chase, & Jacob), and Tommy. The entire cast are sweet and humbling to the core! Not like most people you see on TV who become famous. They don’t forget where they come from, nor do they try to change anything about themselves. Love it!

Swamp People is now shown in other countries. What impact do you think Swamp People will have on the international community?
For those who are not use to seeing people hunt animals in the way they do on the show, or those who view Americans (esp. Southern Americans) in a negative light (that could go for those who live in the US as well), may not see the show in a positive way. But those who like to see Americans in a different way, I think the overall response would be a positive one. There are many fans outside of the US that LOVE Swamp People!