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A Swamptastic Swamp People Season 9 News Update!

Hey Swamp People fans! Just sharing a quick update in regards to Season 9 with you all. Several swampers mentioned Season 9 in a few places within the past few months, and this message was posted on Swamp People narrator Pat Duke’s Facebook page just a few hours ago:

Sounds like an awesome, upcoming season. Glad to see we are also getting more bonus episodes!
Gator hunting season will also be starting in a couple of months as well. Many fans were concerned due to the nature of last season with buyers closing out early, market prices going up, and other issues that arose. However, the show at this point will be going on.

As always, I’ll try and keep you all posted on any other updates. Be sure to follow SPN on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram for the latest Swamp People news.

If you missed any episodes from Season 8, they can be watched here.

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