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Swamp People Season 8 Finale + Bonus Episodes + Other Newsbits

Happy Swamp Thursday, Swamp Family!

That night we’ve all been dreading since episode 1/8 has finally come. Yes, it’s the Season 8 finale of Swamp People. It seems as the show just started a month ago. The swampers have been through a lot this season (overall concerns of the season, buyers closing out early, weather, poaching, family matters, you name it!), but there was also a combination of great moments as well! Plus, the ratings for the show this season were pretty good (and that’s an awesome sign for Season 9!) Will the last remaining teams tag out for the season? Tune in tonight on the HISTORY CHANNEL at 9/8c to find out.

Below are details of what to expect for tonight’s finale (which is an extended episode):

– There is a Season 8 marathon today starting at 8 am (eastern).

Season 8 Finale Episode: The Hunt Ends
On the final day of the season, Troy’s future as an alligator hunter is on the line. The Edgars have more tags to fill on the last day than ever before and RJ gives Jay Paul the ultimate captain’s test!

But Wait, There’s More!
The season is not completely over yet! After looking at the History Channel’s schedule, there seems to be a bonus 2-hour/2-part episode titled Monster in the Dark and Savage Pursuit (details of each episode below) featuring Troy and Holden that is scheduled for Thursday, May 18 at 9/8c. The duo will be headed to the Florida Everglades!

Summary as follows:

S8|E15 – Monster in the Dark
Troy Landry and his nephew, Holden, head to the Florida Everglades to help friends whose lands are being terrorized by unknown beasts.

S8|E16 – Savage Pursuit
Troy’s search for the Nile crocodile takes him to the deepest and darkest parts of the Florida Everglades.

In Other News… In Case You Missed It!


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