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Swamp People Video Haul: Swamp Talk Edition + News & Updates

As promised, every so often after a few episodes I will be posting more videos. This collection of clips will continue with the last few arm wrestling competitions, plus a few Swamp Talk segments. We’re only a few more episodes in before the completion of Season 8 (yikes!). Have you been enjoying it thus far? In addition the videos, there are several other noteworthy news bits after the jump.

Swamp Talk: What’s in Bruce’s Pockets?

Swamp Talk: Dwaine Overboard

Arm Wresting Semi-Final: Chase Landry vs. Dorien Edgar

Arm Wresting: Troy vs. Daniel vs. RJ

Arm Wresting – Family Edition

  • Reminder for Contests
  • Quick reminder, the Buckmaster’s 2017 Canada Hunt is still accepting entries. Enter for your chance to win an all expenses paid hunting trip with Jacob Landry. Details can be found at the link above. A lucky will be selected and notified on July 24th.

    Jay Paul is also doing a giveaway over on his Livin Life Facebook page, so be sure to check that out as well.

  • Swamp Tours with Joey Edgar
  • In more awesome news, Joey Edgar will now be offering 3-hour Swamp Tours! Not only will you get a chance to hang out with Joey himself, but you’ll also get insight into living and working on the swamp, and possibly some Louisiana history as well, and more. Visit Joey’s website for more information and booking details. And while you’re there, be sure to pick up some cool gear too.

    And oh yeah, you can follow SPN on Instagram.

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