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Swamp People Season 3 on DVD Available Feb. 19


The 3rd season of Swamp People will be available on Tuesday, February 19th. The 6-disc set will include 30 minutes of never before seen on TV bonus footage. The retail cost is $24.98 from the official History channel store and $14.96 on Amazon.com. Shipping is available to Canadian fans via History Channel Shop.

The Gator Gold Rush is on in Season 3 of Swamp People. With Delta waters and gator prices higher than ever, Troy Landry, Clint, RJ and Jay Paul, Junior Edwards, his son Willy and many others stalk the Atchafalaya Swamp hunting for the biggest, baddest beasts around. From “Leo the Lion” to “Treebreaker” to “Big Foot,” monster alpha male gators are in their crosshairs as they battle everything from sweltering heat to outsiders setting lines, and tornado-force storms that threaten to shut down gator season altogether. Will these crazed killers prove too much for the gator hunters, or will Troy and company cash in big? Will lady swampers Liz and Kristi make their best catch all season – or will they barely survive it? And will newcomers Austyn and Blake manage to escape Dead End Bayou? For generations, the resilient Cajun people have transcended it all… but, as the old Bayou saying goes, “A gator doesn’t get big by being stupid.”

List of Episodes
1. Gator Gold Rush
2. No Guts, No Gators
3. Divide to Conquer
4. Monster Marsh
5. Avenged
6. Treebraker 2
7. Something Wicked This Way Comes
8. Rising Waters
9. Rebound
10. Gates of Hell
11. Under Siege
12. Secret Weapons
13. Scorched
14.Voodoo Bayou
15. Turf War
16. Big Gators, Big Dollars
17. Never Say Die
18. Cold-Blooded
19. King of the Swamp
20. Man Down
21. Fight to the Finish
22. Endgame

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