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Guist Gets Louisiana-Style Farewell

Source: The Town Talk

GONZALES — The bayou culture that made Mitchell Guist a star of the reality TV show “Swamp People” could be seen Saturday in the smallest details.

It was in the camouflage ribbons accenting the floral arrangements. The moss carpeting the spray of red roses on his casket. The figurines of fish and fowl poking through the foliage. The tiny deer and bass ornaments decorating each corner of the casket. All of these details were in memory of Guist, who died Monday of natural causes, four days before his 49th birthday.

Friends, family and fans went to to Ourso Funeral Home in Gonzales on Saturday morning to say goodbye to Guist. Attire ranged from coats and ties to Harley-Davidson motorcycle gear to what Guist wore most often — jeans, T-shirts and a camouflage baseball cap.

Guist’s brother and co-star, Glenn Guist, knelt beside Mitchell’s casket — united with his brother one last time — as their sister, Tonya Guist, spoke to the chapel’s guests.

“I always told my brothers, ‘I love you,'” Tonya Guist said during the service. “And Mitchell’s favorite way of saying ‘I love you’ is ‘uh huh.'”

Although every pew of the chapel was filled in this small town east of Baton Rouge, the service was intimate. There were no swarms of media that sometimes follow other TV celebrities. But then, the popular show depicts a kind of life far from Hollywood.

Mitchell Guist — laid to rest in a simple rust-red T-shirt and camouflage cap — looked just as he had in episodes of “Swamp People.”

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