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UPDATE – New Sweepstakes Information +

Okay, first of all, I am doing much better. I should be working on the website full time again in mid-May or sometime in June. I am still on twitter. And now for the updates!


Be sure to enter into the Swamp People #SwampSayings sweepstakes! * has no affiliation with this sweepstakes. I am just providing the information.*

Swamp Plug! Visit SWAMPERRANDY.COM!!!

I am so happy to be promoting a fellow Swamper in any way that I can! So, without further ado…

Swamp People’s Randy Edwards has a new official website! features new original stories and articles directly from Randy, official photos, and an exciting new line of merchandise. Randy also plans to connect with fans via live-chat sessions hosted on the site following the airing of the show. Randy has also introduced a line of “Got Treble?” T-shirts and swag, featuring the Edwards family’s signature gator grabbing treble hook design. Shirts, autographs and more are available on the site’s store.

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