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Video: Troy Landry for Stuntman of the Year!

Source: Huffington Post

Alligator hunter Troy Landry was on the trail of a gator gold rush in the swamp on “Swamp People” (Thu., 9 p.m. EST on History) when he found access to his “honey hole” was blocked by a levee.

So what’s a gator hunter to do? Troy decided to go all “Dukes Of Hazzard” on the honey hole and try something dangerous. He decided to jump the levee in his boat.

With Clint acting as spotter, Troy lined up his boat, gunned the engine and then roared toward the obstacle. Right at the last second, when it was too late to change his mind, he said “Oh my God, we might not make it!”

He made it, but afterward admitted that perhaps it wasn’t such a great idea. “I should have left the stunts to the stunt people, and I should have stuck to catching alligators.”

BTW: it was Clint’s idea for Troy to jump the levee, and then he [Clint] called him [Troy] a moron for doing so! :P

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